Watertown NY Home Inspection Services

Our home inspectors offer property inspections, lead paint testing, radon testing, water flow analysis and more!

Home Inspection Report


  • Paint/Lead Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Septic Dye Tests
  • Water Flow Analysis
  • Well Bacteria Tests

Looking for home inspection services in Watertown, NY? Do you need radon testing? Welcome to Beacon Home Inspections serving the greater Watertown, New York area. Our professional inspector provides top quality home inspection services for all types of structures.

Whether you need lead testing or a water flow analysis performed, trust us for reliable, affordable services. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and detailed reports in which we will review everything with you. Contact us in Watertown today for a convenient appointment at 315-486-1367!

The Inspector
Home Inspector Ken McArdle

Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult....

Unlike most professionals, you probably will not get to meet me until after you hire me. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and yes, different pricing. One thing for sure is that a home inspection requires work, a lot of work. Ultimately a thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector's own effort.

Ken McArdle 
LIC. #16000000640
U.S. Army Retired
(23 years of service)
North Country resident for 15 years | Servicing Jefferson, Lewis & St. Lawrence Counties

My Guarantee To You

 I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort and promise to adhere to the following principals:

  • Treating others as I would want to be treated 
  • Honesty in all dealings, even when that is not to my advantage 
  • Veracity and Diligence, by providing a quality service at a fair price

Why Choose Beacon?

  • NYS Licensed Inspector
  • Reliable and flexible to suit your needs
  • Same day report and pictures in e-mail for hard copy format
  • When I leave the site, the report is complete and ready for e-mailing
  • Strong ties in the North Country and Military communities

What I Inspect:

Exterior (Partial List)
1. Gutters
2. Siding
3. Garage
4. Vents
5. Flashing
6. Ridge Vents
7. Windows
8. Garage Doors
9. Driveways
10. Walkways
11. Roof
12. Flat roof
13. Decking
14. Paving
15. Brick or masonry
16. Vent pipes
17. Gullies
18. Grade slope
19. Doors
20. Outside lights
21. Soffits & Fascia
22. Cladding
23. Chimney

Interior (Partial List)
1. Radiators
2. Floors
3. Toilets
4. Faucets
5. Attic space
6. Kitchens
7. Boiler
8. Floorboards
9. Walls and ceilings
10. Dampness
11. Rafters
12. Hot-water heaters
13. Showers
14. Electrical appliances & Electrical panels
15. Crawl spaces and basements
16. Joints
17. Water pipes
18. Staircases
19. Doors
20. Woodwork
21. Windows


Price List

Homes up to 2500 square feet: $260.00
For every additional 500 square feet add: $25.00

Additional Services with inspection:
Radon testing (CRM): $100.00
Septic dye testing: $70.00
Water flow analysis: $70.00
Well bacteria testing: $80.00
*Mold testing (on request): $75.00
*Lead testing (on request): $75.00

 Complete Service:
Includes inspection** (2500sf and under) and all additional services, minus *Mold/*Lead:
**Add $25.00 for every additional 500 square feet

USDA $150.00, with water and septic dye $300.00

Individual services: (not conducted with home inspection)
Radon testing: $125.00
Septic dye testing: $125.00
Water flow analysis: $125.00
Well bacteria testing: $125.00
Nitrite/Nitrate: $100.00
Mold Testing: $100.00
Lead Testing: $100.00
(FHA) If required 4 Part Water and Septic Dye  $175.00

Military and Other Discounts Offered
Fully Insured
*All Prices Subject to Change

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